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With the MAXHUB Wireless Screen Sharing Dongle you can easily present and collaborate through wireless mirroring.

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Interactive operation between two screens

When you use the MAXHUB Wireless Screen Sharing Dongle to mirror your presentation onto the MAXHUB display, you will be able to control your presentation from the MAXHUB Touch Surface. Open documents, flip pages, zoom in on content and Annotate directly from the MAXHUB touch surface.

"One-click" to select which presentation (or multiple) to display

When presenting wirelessly to the MAXHUB screen, multiple devices can connect simultaneously (up to 4 separate devices).

A simple “on screen” user interface allows you to switch between the different presentations, select which one to display or even split up the display surface to show multiple presentations.

There is no need to download any application or software when using the MAXHUB Wireless Screen Sharing Dongle.

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